Corporate Membership, Member Listing and Logos

A special thank you to all of our Corporate Members,


ISSFAL welcomes membership by corporate and institutional organisations that are interested in the health impact of the dietary lipids. A document setting out what ISSFAL expects from its Corporate Members, and what they in turn may expect from ISSFAL, can be downloaded by clicking here.

Companies that join prior to the end of 2012 will have membership through December 31, 2013.

ISSFAL has a three-tiered system for calculating corporate dues with the benefits scaled to reflect differentiated levels of membership:


More than 100 Employees
US$ 5,000 Annually
50% exhibitor discount
3 free memberships
1 free event registration


11 to 100 Employees
US$ 3,500 Annually
25% exhibitor discount
2 individual memberships
1 free event registration

10 or less Employees
US$ 1,500 Annually
1 individual membership
1 free event registration




Shanghai Prospect BioTech

 As of February 2017