ISSFAL Awards and Scholarships

ISSFAL makes four principal types of awards. These awards are aimed at encouraging investigators working in scientific fields of relevance to ISSFAL core interests.

The first award established was the Alexander Leaf Distinguished Scientist Award for Lifetime Achievement. It is awarded every two years to an individual who in the opinion of the judges, has made a significant and sustained contribution to the science of lipids and health. Further details of this award can be seen by clicking here.

The second type of awards - New Investigator Awards - are those given in conjunction with ISSFAL biennial Congresses, and are designed to recognise and encourage investigators who are at the start of their post-graduate careers. Further details of these awards can be seen by clicking here.

The third award that ISSFAL makes is the Dr. Norman Salem Jr. Early Career Award. It is intended to encourage and reward investigators working in relevant fields within 10 years of their post-graduate degree award. The first award of this type was made at the 8th International Congress of the Society, held in Kansas City, USA May 17th-22nd 2008. Details of this award can be seen by clicking here.

The fourth type of award is the ISSFAL Travel Awards. In line with our commitment to fostering academic excellence, ISSFAL offers Travel Awards for the ISSFAL biennial Congresses. These awards aim to support the participation of postgraduate and PhD students from recognized institutions worldwide. Read more here about the ISSFAL Travel Awards