Past Congresses

The organisation of Conferences is a major aspect of ISSFAL activities. Every two years the Society organises a major research conference, which over a space of 4 or 5 days examines the latest findings in a number of different health areas. Some 400-600 delegates attend these meetings, which are held in different parts of the world.  Archives of the past Congress programs are posted on the Congress website (click on the Archives drop down menu).  If you have electronic files of past Congress programs that are not posted to the Archives, please email them to ISSFAL.

• 1993 1st International Congress: Lugano, Switzerland | Chair Claudio Galli
• 1995 2nd International Congress: Washington D.C. | Chair, Norman Salem
• 1998 3rd International Congress: Lyon, France | Chair, Michel Lagarde
• 2000 4th International Congress: Tsukuba, Japan | Chair, Tomohito Hamazaki
• 2002 5th International Congress: Montreal, Canada | Chair, Stephen Cunnane
• 2004 6th International Congress: Brighton, UK | Chair, Philip Calder
• 2006 7th International Congress: Cairns, Australia |Co-Chairs, Bob Gibson, Maria Makrides and Andy Sinclair
• 2008 8th International Congress: Kansas City, USA |Co-Chairs, Susan Carlson, Bill Harris and Jay Whelan
• 2010 9th International Congress: Maastricht, Netherlands | Chair, Jan Glatz
• 2012 10th International Congress: Vancouver, Canada | Chair, Tom Clandidin
• 2014 11th International Congress: Stockholm, Sweden | Chair, Birgitta Strandvik
• 2016 12th International Congress: Stellenbosch, South Africa | Chair, Marius Smuts
• 2018 13th International Congress: Las Vegas, USA | Chair, Hee-Yong Kim
• The 14th planned for Qingdao, China in 2020 was cancelled due to the global pandemic.
• A Virtual Congress was held in May 2021 in collaboration with AOCS.
• 2023 15th International Congress: Nantes, France|Chair, Bernadette Delplanque