Lipid Analysis, Biology and Health

The inaugural 2019 International Lipid School was held 17-19 June at the University of Roehampton in London, UK. The school introduces scientists at postgraduate and postdoctoral level to the diverse fields of lipid biochemistry and analysis, and the roles of lipids in biology - in health and disease. The school brings together a panel of outstanding international experts discussing topics of relevance to those studying or working in neuroscience, immunology, biochemistry, nutrition, cardiology, neonatology, or wider healthcare.

This residential summer school, hosted by the University of Roehampton in 2019, provided participants with a solid foundation in the principles of lipid analysis, and the biochemistry and physiology of lipids. Topics covered include Lipidomics and Mass Spectrometry, Pregnancy and Development, Cardiovascular Disease, Immune Function, Specialised Pro-resolving Lipid Mediators, Neurological Disease, and the Endocannabinoid System.  

The School was well attended and the content was scored very highly by participants. A link to the programme can be found here and as you can see it features some of the leading international names in lipid research.

The presentations were recorded at the time and have now been reformatted to make them suitable for viewing online. Each of the presentations is now available free of charge to all ISSFAL members and can be accessed via the Members Only section of the ISSFAL website by following the link here. (Only members of the Society in good standing will have access; log-in required.)
Please note: In the coming weeks, we intend making this resource available to Non-Members for a small charge either per presentation or for the entire collection.

This represents the start of increased online educational resources being developed by the Society over the coming months.

Click here to view the 2019 Lipid School Presentations!