Procedures for Statements

The agreed procedure is:

1.The need for a statement is proposed by an ISSFAL Board member, and the proposal circulated by e-mail to all current members of the Board of Directors for comment. Comments shall be directed to the Secretary/Treasurer for collation, who shall disseminate them to Board members. The subject of the statement is re-defined in the light of Board comments, and the Officers of ISSFAL appoint a sub-committee to recommend a draft statement.

2. The Officers of ISSFAL appoint the Chairperson or Co-chairpersons.

3. The sub-committee prepares a draft statement which is sent to the ISSFAL Secretary/Treasurer for onward transmission to ISSFAL Officers to determine its appropriateness for presentation to the current members of the Board of Directors. If further revision is deemed necessary, the sub-committee will be asked to re-examine the statement accordingly, and re-submitted to Issfal Officers. If further revision is not deemed necessary by ISSFAL Officers, the proposed statement shall be placed on the member-only pages of the  Society website.  A notice shall also be placed in the Society pages of PLEFA drawing attention to the availability of the draft statement on the website, and this draft statement shall remain on the website, accessible only to logged-in members, for a period of not less than 4 weeks after the on-line version of the relevant issue of PLEFA has been published.  At the end of this period, the Secretary/Treasurer shall  either present the draft statement for approval at the next meeting of the Board, or forward by mail or by e-mail, the proposed ISSFAL statement to all current members of the Board of Directors with a request that the statement be approved or not as the Board member decides. Board members will transmit their decision to the ISSFAL Secretary/Treasurer either by mail, or e-mail. The ISSFAL Secretary/Treasurer, will gather all the votes and report the result to the Board. A statement shall be considered approved if at least 75% of current members of the Board of Directors approve it. (This  version of clause 3 was adopted at the Kansas City Board meeting in May 2008)

4. If the proposed statement does not receive the support of at least 75% of current members of the Board of Directors then it shall be returned to the original sub-committee for further discussion and if felt appropriate, represented to ISSFAL Officers as under 3 above, for a further attempt to gain approval by at least 75% of current members of the Board of Directors.

5. Once the statement is approved, it is published in the ISSFAL Newsletter, on the ISSFAL website, sent for publication to relevant journals, and brought to the attention of various professional groups and Government agencies by ISSFAL Officers and/or members of the Board of Directors.

Procedure above was modified and agreed July 2006, and modified May 2008.