Sponsorship and Event Endorsement Guidelines


Guidelines for Corporate Sponsorship

ISSFAL shall engage in corporate relationships which help ISSFAL fulfill its mission and advance its vision.  Sponsorship activities and all corporate-supported events or programs must conform to ISSFAL’s mission and priorities.

Sponsorship guidelines relating to ISSFAL’s acceptance of support for events/activities:

There is a strong recognition in the Society that industry money is needed to support educational and scientific events/activities in order to make these as accessible to as many scientists and health professionals as possible.  There is also recognition that there is a need for transparency to satisfy good governance, the membership and the multiple industry supporters of ISSFAL. The following guidelines are designed to preserve the scientific integrity of the Society, while acknowledging the role of industry

(a)   All sponsors of ISSFAL events/activities should be displayed.

(b)   It is preferable to have more than one sponsor for each event/activity.

(c)   The programming responsibilities should rest with an ISSFAL appointed scientific group that is independent of the industry sponsor(s).

(d)   While it is recognized that sponsorship associated with the ISSFAL congresses is separately determined and that gold/platinum sponsors are entitled to hold a named satellite workshop, an Executive member and/or a senior member of the Society designated by the Executive should be involved in the programming group.

(e)   Industry presentations at the scientific sessions: while it is recognized that employees of companies often have a unique perspective/expertise to a scientific topic, it is important that such presentations are focused on scientific or technical aspects not for promotional purpose.  Advertisements in any form are not acceptable.  The programming group (see (c) above) should carefully review and approve.

(f)  Promotional yet scientific presentations by industry may be displayed separately from the scientific sessions if the need for such presentation forum is recognized by both the Society and industry.  All ISSFAL industry members are eligible and have equal opportunity to present in such forum.

(g) Any corporate sponsorship is not an endorsement of a company’s product or service and may not be represented by the sponsor as such in any way. 

(h) ISSFAL will retain ownership and authority of all ISSFAL events, programs, member services, awards, and communication vehicles. 

(i) ISSFAL will retain complete editorial control over all sponsor-related communications to ISSFAL members. 

(j) The ISSFAL Executive and the conference organizing committee have the authority to pursue corporate sponsorship opportunities and negotiate terms according to the set guidelines approved by the ISSFAL Board.

(k) The ISSFAL Executive in consultation with the conference organizing committee will have the authority to decide which events, programs and member services a corporate sponsor may be associated with and will have final approval.

(j) The use of the ISSFAL name and/or logo, or representation of such, without the written consent of the ISSFAL Executive is strictly prohibited.

Sponsorship guidelines relating to ISSFAL’s sponsorship of corporate or non-profit organization events/activities:

(a)    The ISSFAL sponsorship should be exercised for not-for-profit activities which conform to ISSFAL’s mission.

(b)    ISSFAL will not sponsor or co-sponsor events/activities driven by the industry(industry as defined in the society bylaws). 

(c)    ISSFAL will retain complete editorial control over all ISSFAL-related communications included in any ISSFAL-sponsored events/activities.

(d)    A request for ISSFAL sponsorship/co-sponsorship should be submitted to the ISSFAL Administrator at least 60 days in advance of the proposed event/activity for the evaluation and approval by the ISSFAL Executive or the Committee within the ISSFAL Board authorized by the Executive.  The normal response time by ISSFAL to such a request would be less than 30 days.

(e)    The use of the ISSFAL name and/or logo, or representation of such, without the written consent of the ISSFAL Executive is strictly prohibited.