Board of Directors

The ISSFAL Board of Directors consists, in addition to the members of the Executive Committee, of the following (term expirations are noted, each term is four years):

Jeannine Baumgartner
ETH, Switzerland                      
March 2023

Graham Burdge
University of Southampton, UK                        
March 2020

Simon Dyall
Bournemouth University, UK              
March 2020

Barbara Meyer, BSc (Hons), RNutr
University of Wollongong, Australia           
March 2021^

Adina Michael-Titus
University of London, UK                          
March 2023^

Trevor Mori                                                                       
University of Western Australia
March 2020

Toru Moriguchi                                                                    
Azabu University, Japan
March 2020^

Anna Nicolaou
University of Manchester, UK
March 2023^

Ashley Patterson
Mead Johnson Nutrition, USA                                         
March 2020

Chris Ramsden
NIH, Bethesda, Maryland, USA                                          
March 2021^
* Dr. Ramsden serves as a member of the ISSFAL Board of Director’s in his personal capacity.  Any views, recommendations or decisions Dr. Ramsden makes as a member of the Board are his own and not as a representative of or an endorsement from the NIH. 

Jim Richards
DSM Nutritional Products LLC, USA                                   
March 2023

Andrew Sinclair
Deakin University, Australia                                 
March 2020^
Conflict of Interest Statement

Marius Smuts
North-West University, South Africa                                        
March 2021^

Ken Stark
University of Waterloo, Canada     
March 2023

Kuan-Pin Su
China Medical University, Taiwan                      
March 2020

^ denotes second term.