Executive Committee



Richard Bazinet
University of Toronto
Toronto, Canada

Term Expires
March 31, 2021

Immediate Past President

Professor Tom Brenna
HE Nutritional Science
University of Texas
Austin, United States

Term Expires
March 31, 2021

Vice-President and President-Elect

Maria Makrides
Women's and Children's Hospital 
Adelaide, Australia

Term Expires
March 31, 2021

Honorary Secretary

Peter Clough, BSc
Scientific Consultant
Cobden Research, Ltd.

Beverley, UK

Conflict of Interest Statement

  Honorary Treasurer

Bev Muhlhauser
FOODplus Research Centre
The University of Adelaide
Adelaide, Australia

Term Expires
March 31, 2019


Graham S. Hauck
ISSFAL Headquarters
Washington, DC, USA

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We would like to thank the following individuals for their leadership as President of ISSFAL over the years: 
J. Tom Brenna, United States of America
Susan Carlson, United States of America
Philip Calder, Ph.D.,D.Phil., United Kingdom
Michel Lagarde,Ph.D.,D.Sc., France
Norman Salem, United States of America