At the 12th ISSFAL Congress held in Stellenbosch, South Africa in 2016, ISSFAL announced a new classification of esteemed ISSFAL member entitled the ISSFAL Fellow.   Fellows shall have achieved distinction in scientific contributions to fatty acid and lipid science, and shall have provided sustained, positive contributions to the ISSFAL organization.

Please visit our YouTube Channel to view the presentation of the ISSFAL Fellows.

Class of 2016
Dr. Gene Anderson
Dr. Michael Crawford
Dr. Steven Cunnane
Dr. Jorn Dyerberg
Dr. Claudio Galli
Dr. Bob Gibson
Dr. Sheila Innis
Dr. Michel Lagarde
Dr. William Lands
Dr. Artemis Simopolous
Dr. Andy Sinclair
Dr. Arthur Spector

Class of 2018
Dr. Nicolas Bazan
Dr. Philip Calder
Dr. Susan Carlson
Dr. Bruce Holub
Dr. Berthold Koletzko
Dr. Norman Salem